Biological therapy for Alzheimer’s disease

Mr. Anwar is a founder of Anwar Group—one of the most famous brand at architectural material industry in Bangladesh. Unexpectedly, Alzheimer’s symptoms were occurred even though he was in strictly control of his blood sugar, blood pressure and health. His family has accompanied him to try different treatment methods in Singapore and Thailand but no improvement.

On March,2018, Anwar’s son Manwar has learned about Beijing Puhua International Hospital has rich experiences in neurological and neurosurgical diseases on the Internet. After consultation with our medical consultant online, he came to BPIH two times to consult with our chief neurologist Dr. Yang about his father’s condition.

After thorough evaluation based on his test results, Dr. Yang excluded the possibilities of other reasons could cause Alzheimer’s disease such as tumor, oesophagitis or adrenocortical nodular hyperplasia. Combined with clinical symptoms Dr. Yang confirmed Mr. Anwar’s diagnosis is Parkinson’s Disease with Alzheimer’s disease, and designed comprehensive treatment plan for him.

Dr. Yang explained: Neural growth factor is able to stimulate self-neural growth factor  differentiation and proliferation, participated in CSF process, repair ventricle and atrophic nerve cell surrounding hippocampus, to promote brain function recovery, enhance muscle strength and improve immunity. In addition, the combined therapy Traditional Chinese medication and acupuncture, would improve limbs flexibility and enhance the treatment effect.

Mr. Anwar came to BPIH at the end of April. At that time, he basically could not remember his family. He only took nutrition medication due to oesophagitis. His mental status was poor, he has lost speech function and could not communicate with others. He walked difficulty with people’s help. After completed relevant examinations, the treatment has proceeded. However, due to his personal issue he went back to Bangladesh in advance. The second time when he came back, we can clear see his mental status was significantly improved, and started eating partial normal food.

BPIH’s medical team adjusted treatment plan based on his current condition, strive for further improvement.

At this cycle the treatment, we found that Mr. Anwar became more cooperative with our medical staff than the last time: such as he often pulled out the needle during the IV injection and resist acupuncture before. This time he was very cooperative with better mood. And he coughed less than before. After two weeks comprehensive treatment, Mr. Anwar’s has achieved significant improvement. He can walk by him self. And remember his family, started emotionally communicating with people. He also tried to express himself with words. Before discharged, we were surprised to found that he can eat fruit and minced meat. His nutrition status is greatly improved.

In the video, Mr. Anwar’s family Mr. Mohammad talked about his father’s every improvement happily and expressed his gratitude to our medical team and nurses. Mr. Mohammad said they will be back to the home-like Beijing Puhua International Hospital for further treatment 6 or 12 months later.















(Mr. Anwar is doing rehabilitation training at BPIH)