SVF Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis

–An arthritic patient seeking for abroad treatment to China

First Visit: August 2016, taking my wife for the SVF treatment

The two-week treatment has finished soon. Look back all this, according to my wife’s words, she feels light and graceful after the treatment.

My wife and I are from Qatar. She has been suffering from knee pain for 10 years. Started with mild pain, and became worse and worse, till with walking difficulty. She was diagnosed with arthritis at local hospital. The most difficult thing is go to mosque for salah, it is a very common daily activity. But for her, it’s like being tortured.

I felt so sad to see her suffering so much. I took her to many places for medical treatment and she received arthroscopy several times. Even though her pain was temporally relieved to some extent, but the pain is continuously reoccur with time passing by. Occasionally, I found about Beijing Puhua International hospital and send inquiry to them, and their consultant replied me very soon and guided me through all the procedure till admission.

The doctor at Puhua hospital has made thorough evaluation based on my reports and X ray images, and explained the treatment plan for her in every details. They answered all my questions regarding the treatment process and other questions, which make me very confident for this treatment. So we decide to go China for treatment.

I was worried we will have communication barriers before arrival, but it turned out that my worries are unnecessary. They have professional Arabic and English translators, the communication went smoothly. Surprisingly, my wife’s pain was relieved right after the first injection. And after we finished the last injection, she was so excited, she said: I feel like I can fly, I want to run. I took her hands and told her not to go so fast. So she had to slow down. And we all know we’ve been waited for this moment for so long.

Second Visit: November 2016, taking my borther for the SVF treatment

More than 2 months has passed since my last visit to Puhua. My wife’s condition is getting better everyday. My family and I are more than happy to see that my wife enjoy her daily life again. This time, I bring my brother in law to receive the same treatment, hoping he can also benefit to this effective therapy.