6 hours fighting with Brain Tumor

Neurosurgeons of Puhua Hospital saved patient’s life during the Chinese Lunar New Year Holidays

On Feb 20th, the fifth day of the Chinese Lunar New Year Holidays, Beijing was still immersed in the festival atmosphere. On this day, every family gets together to eat dumplings and play firecrackers.

However, the surgery room of Puhua Hospital was busy as usual. Neurosurgeons, anesthetists, medical technicians, nurses and other supporting staff were ready to receive an urgent case: patient with brain tumor.

The patient is a 62 years old male living in Beijing, who was retired a few years ago. Before the New Year’s eve, like everyone else, he was busy with purchasing necessities and cleaning the house. As the Spring Festival got closer and closer, Mr. Ma felt that his arm became weaker and weaker. He didn’t pay attention to that, thought that was due to his senior age. However, two days before the Spring Festival, he could not speak clearly after waking up. He suffered nausea and vomited early in the morning. Mr. Ma had been suffering from cardiovascular disease for many years, so he kept long-term use low doses of Aspirin. These abnormal symptoms alarmed him, so he went to the nearby hospital immediately.

Considering Mr. Ma’s symptoms and medical history, the doctors in nearby hospital said stroke was highly suspected. The MRI scan revealed cerebral edema, which was not typical sign of stroke. Therefore, the doctors suggested the patient to go to more specialized hospital. Then Mr. Ma was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital for further investigation and treatment.

The first doctor he saw at Puhua Hospital is Professor Xiuqing Yang, chief Neurologist. Dr. Yang has accumulated rich experience from his decades of clinical work. After checking the patient physically and reviewed his reports, Dr. Yang didn’t think Mr. Ma was a case of cerebrovascular disease although his symptoms were remarkably similar to stroke. A multiple disciplinary consultation was held, and the conclusion is that the patient is suffering from brain tumor at left frontotemporal.











The Spring Festival was coming, Mr. Ma really wanted go back home and get together with the family to celebrate the most important festive of the year. Unfortunately, his condition was getting worse. The tumor pressed on the brain tissue and had already led to severe cerebral edema. We did dehydration therapy for him but didn’t help that much. The increasing intracranial pressure had caused bad headache and vomiting. Surgery needed to be done as soon as possible. if we postpone the surgery till after new year, his condition would be life-threatening.

One problem was that Mr. Ma had been taking aspirin. Aspirin is anticoagulant, it inhibits platelet aggregation, although it promotes blood circulation and prevents thrombogenesis under normal circumstances, it may incur coagulation disorders and high risks of haemorrhage during the operation. Therefore, the surgery was scheduled 5 days later.

So when the whole country was in celebration of the spring festive, a high-challengeable operation was going on at Puhua Hospital. The whole procedure lasted for 6 hours. Eventually, two tumors of “the size of a walnut” were removed. the tumors were in fronto-temporal area, pressed the brain tissue severely, affected language function and led to extremely similar symptoms with stroke.

















“In the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze sends warm greetings to us.” Thanks to Puhua hospital staffs’ efforts, Mr. Ma’s condition is good and has already transferred to the patient room for further recovery.