Advanced treatment for ALS

Mr. Lama Tendi Sherpa is a 45-year-old male ALS patient from Nepal. He is a Secretary General of Nepal Olympic committee
President of Nepal basketball association. At the beginning of 2018, he was suffering from right leg weakness, then aggravated to lower limbs weakness. With 3 months passed by, he gradually felt speech disturbance. On Jun 2018, he was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease at local hospital. During the past half an year, Lama Tendi has tried so many kinds of treatments, but didn’t gain any improvement.

Prior to his admission, he could not sleep well because of chest distress. He felt speech disturbance and he could not jump by himself. When he drunk water, it is difficult for him to keep water in his mouth. As the secretary general of Nepal Wheel Chair Basketball Association, he felt that disease has affected his life and work. After contacting with Puhua medical consultant, Mr. Lama Tendi Sherpa and his family members were encouraged with the fact that “more than 90% of our treated ALS patients got different levels of improvements, including improved mobility, better balance control, more flexibility, clearer speech, swallowing function and so on.” So they decided to come to Puhua hospital to receive advanced treatment.

After a MDT consultation, the patient was given medicine to improve the nutrition supply of the nerves, Nerve Growth Factor Injection, rehabilitation therapy (Physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy), and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

During this three weeks hospitalization, Lama Tendi has received comprehensive treatment provided by professional medical team, as well as thorough nursing care. Just only after 1 time nerve growth factor injection through IV, he felt that he could sleep well and didn’t wake up several times like before. He also could walk with better balance. After 2 times injection through lumbar puncture, he could walk faster with a longer distance, and he could jump by himself. Besides, his speech is louder and clearer before discharged.








Prior to discharge, our chief neurologist Dr. Yang communicated with Lama Tendi and his family regarding his condition and give her suggestions after discharge. And he also consider return back after 6 months to 1 year to receive the second cycle treatment.








We hope to see Mr. Lama Tendi Sherpa gain more improvements in the future, and hope we are able to help more ALS patients.