Advanced Treatment Protocol for Cerebral Palsy

Medical history

Nikola was born prematurely in week 28-29. He was suffering from respiratory, circulatory failure, cerebral hemorrage, and bilateral hydrocephalus after birth. Due to seizures and delayed development, he went to local hospital and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. His father searched the website and found Cerebral Palsy treatment at Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH). He started to contact with our medical consultant and a treatment plan has designed for Nikola.

Soon his family decided to come and started arrange funds from the charity website. with many kind-hearted peoples’ help, they collected the funds and came for the treatment.










Nikola was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to inability of speech, holding things and walking for 6 years.

He was first admitted in Sep 2018 and received 3 weeks treatment at Puhua Hospital. Five months later, we received an email from his father:

“His condition has improved, body and neck better control. I think Nicholas understands more, shows more interest, wants to be more engaged, more to play, when reading a book- listen carefully. knows what is good- what is bad.

After treatment , the spasms of the arms and legs increased.”






From the email, we are happily to know about these significant improvements and he also mentioned that he wants to come back for further treatment to achieve more improvement.

Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery for Cerebral Palsy

On Mar 25th 2019, he came back for the second cycle of the treatment.

After admission, several medical protocols were applied, which included stereotactic treatment to his brain, to repair injured neural cells, medical treatment to improve his cerebral blood-supply and metabolism (this aids neural function and rehabilitation), a Traditional Chinese Medicine Protocol as well as Physical Rehabilitation Therapy and other supportive Therapies.







(During the operation)

Medical Condition after Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery for Cerebral Palsy

After the surgery, his condition is greatly improved. Nikola’s family is very satisfied with the treatment and results he has achieved at BPIH.

The following video is Nikola’s parents with Dr. Tian. From his parent’s talk, Nikola can control his neck, muscle strength and spasticity are better. He can understand better when they talk to him, as well as more aware of surrounding situations.








Nikola’s father is thrilled to see so much improvement and even shed tears. He sends our medical staff and work staff flowers and cards to express his gratitude.