Amazing! Thank you for giving me a new hope for life !

Mark, a 42-year-old male patient from the United States, suffered from a sudden cerebral hemorrhage in March 2018, while he was at home. After he recovered, Mark was left with his left body side feeling numb and with persistent neuropathic pain. His motor function was also impaired, as it was not easy for him to walk. The Long-term physical discomfort made Mark feel more and more anxious, especially since every treatment he tried during this 8 month long ordeal, did not provide any solution or pain relieve. Mark became sacred that he would fall and as a consequence became home bound and worried about having to walk around.

Mark has two daughters and his duty to provide for them overcame his fear and Mark continued to search for a solution, when the began to read about all advanced stroke treatments he could find on the internet.

After learning about stereotactic surgery, which is offered at Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH), he immediately got in touch with our international department and requested us to provide more information and to have a look at his case.

With the desire to get well and the new found trust in our Hospital, Mark made arrangements to travels from San Francisco to our hospital in Beijing on December 1, 2018, to receive two weeks of treatment.

After arriving at BPIH, his cases was properly analyzed and every department from Neurology to Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the Rehabilitation, made arrangements through their appointed specialist to create a treatment plan specifically just for him.

Finally on December 7th, stereotactic surgery was performed under local anesthesia.








Mark was on stereotactic surgery

Following surgery, Mark received specific supplementation to support his neurological condition as well as rehabilitation exercises and acupuncture. Mark commented that the nerve pain was greatly reduced and the body was stronger than before. At the same time, his mood became to improve and the anxiety was lifting from his mind.

He started to get up and was encouraged by his new found ability to walk with confidence.  He now began to walk out of his hospital room, although not quite stable yet, he did not require any support!. Before returning home, Mark specially went to visit the local shopping mall in Beijing–Xiu Shui Jie to purchase some new clothes with his mother, however he insisted on not taking a wheelchair. He said: I can go by myself, thank you, let me rekindle my hope for life!










After surgery, Mark try to go out.








Before returning home, Mark took photos with our staff.

On the 15th December , Mark returned back home with his mother to the United States. He said that he will adjust his lifestyle and diet as soon as he gets home to lose weight. He will pay more attention to control his blood pressure and blood lipids to prevent the recurrence of any further stroke! Most importantly he will continue to conduct his rehabilitation training.

Next summer he will return again for a further physical examination by our specialist. We hope to see much improved and happier Mark by then and wish him a speedy recovery!