Anti-Cancer Treatment for Liver Cancer

Medical Condition before Anti-Cancer Treatment for Liver Cancer

EL Hadj is a 47 years old male patient who was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to “abdominal pain for 9 months and edema of lower limbs for 2 months”. He has Hepatitis B for 4 years in the past history. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with widespread metastatic liver cancer 9 months ago. And the tumor metastasized to the right femoral neck 4 months ago with pathological fracture of right femur. So the patient was given nail internal fixation treatment. Physical examination showed: abdominal distension was noted. Abdominal circumference was 84 cm. Weak bowel sounds. Dullness was noted in the whole body during percussion. Tenderness and pressing pain were noted in right upper abdomen. Inferior margin of liver was touched 10 cm below xiphoid. Fist- sized mass was touched in midline of right upper abdomen. And he always felt pain although taking acesodyne.

Medical Condition after Anti-Cancer Treatment for Liver Cancer

After 2 weeks of PD-1 immunotherapy combining with Traditional Chinese Medicine, the patient’s general condition became better than before. He regained good appetite with much less pain of the abdomen.

Re-check of abdominal ultrasound showed ascites are significantly decreased. The tumors are considered to be shrinked within 1 month, and we will keep looking forward the patient’s improvement. He is considered to have better life quality.