Begani’s seizures are greatly reduced right after Minimally Invasive Repair

Medical History

Begani, a 10 years old boy presented to our hospital with severe post-traumatic epileptic encephalopathy, which originated from a car accident in 2013. Due to complications after this accident he received surgery at his local hospital and was diagnosed with epilepsy. Begani was prescribed anti-epileptic drugs and received Vagus nerve stimulation (a treatment for uncontrolled epilepsy), however his condition did not improve with him still suffering at least 10 severe seizures per day.

Further to this, he was also diagnosed with “locked in syndrome” a condition in which a patient is aware but cannot move or communicate verbally due to complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in the body, and in his case he was only able to respond with groans and grunts. More complications arose in 2016, when radiographs confirmed a subluxation of the left hip, known as “coxa erecta”. From the time of his accident till 2016, Benani was fed exclusively via a gastrostomy (artificial external opening into the stomach for nutritional support).

Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery + Stem Cell Transplantation for Epilepsy

When Begani was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital, a thorough clinical investigation of his condition was concluded with the following recommendations: He was to receive neural nutrition, minimally invasive stereotactic operation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and rehabilitation training.

Medical condition following Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery and Stem Cell Transplantation for Epilepsy

The patient’s condition noticeable improved after the completion of our treatment protocol. The minimally invasive stereotactic operation noticeably decreased the number off daily seizes, even with all medications stopped!

Prior the operation, Begani was uncooperative during tongue protruding and deep sensation examination. Muscle strength was 2/5 in both limbs with high muscle tension. Following the Stem Cell Transplantation, muscle strength and muscular tension improved and ever since Begani has become more cooperative during any further examinations and treatments.

His family are very happy to witness his remarkable improvements we all are looking forward to see Begani’s quality of life improve even further.