CAR-T Therapy for Lung Cancer

Medical history of Yury

Yury is from Russia. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in Dec 2016. Left pneumonectomy was performed at local hospital, followed with chemotherapy for 3 times and radiotherapy for 9 times. Biopsy (2018.02) of lymph nodes of neck showed metastasis. Gemcitabine 1000mg/m2, cis-platinum 30mg/m2 on Dec 2018. The patient suffered chest pain and intermittent fever after given medication.










Why he chose CAR-T therapy?

After conventional treatments, he did not get satisfying effect. He learned that according to statistics, lung cancer is the cancer with the highest mortality. Fighting with this disease is like racing against time. He needs to find the most suitable treatment as soon as possible. One of his patients’ friends recommended him to receive CAR-T treatment in China. The patient was diagnosed with lymphoma and he get good results through CAR-T. Yury understood that CAR-T is still under experimental stage, recently the accumulated data is not enough for treatment, especially for lung cancer, its effect is uncertain. Moreover the effect varies from person to person. Local doctors have no further suggestions. Thinking of his happy family, lovely daughter, he decided to give a try.

What is the treatment process?

Through the introduction of his friend, Yury got in touch with Beijing Puhua International Hospital, which is currently doing research on CAR-T, and has done dozens of related cases.

After pre-treatment evaluation, Beijing Puhua International Hospital accepted Yury for CAR-T treatment.

6th May Yury and his wife arrived in Beijing.

The first thing he did was CBC blood test and proceed with Peripheral lymphocyte Apheresisif blood count. His tumor block was delivered for preparing.

The 8th May he was done Blood counts (including CD3/CD4/CD8/CD56), LDH, Myocardial enzyme, PCT,CRP, Enhanced CT, echocardiogrametc.

From 9-11th May conditioning chemotherapy was given: Flu 25mg/m2+Cy 250mg/m2Hydration\ diuresis Blood examination

Then observed 3 days.

14th May was given GD2 CART by IV Infusion.

















At the forth day the reaction started. High fever, pain, Then there was muscle pain in the whole body. These symptoms lasted for a few days and this was the most torturing days. But at the same time, these reactions also indicated that CAR-T has begun to work.

In order to consolidate the effect, we also added two EIE treatments in the treatment plan. This is also a cellular immunotherapy.








29th May Yury’s physical condition improved, he received EIE treatment. High fever without no serious symptoms. After this, on 31st May he received second EIE treatment. He has muscle pain again. Yury went through all this and on 3rd June he was discharged from hospital.

What’s the effect of CAR-T therapy?

At present, the effects of CAR-T have not yet been fully realized. After a month, we will follow up his case.

Witnessed all this, we were impressed by Yury’s strength and moved by his wife’s companionship. We hope that he will get better soon. We believe that with the continuous advancement of medical technology, car-t will bring hope to more cancer patients. Also we sincerely hope that one day, cancer will be defeated.