Comprehensive Treatment for a Stroke Victim

Medical History

stroke left Mr. Mohd almost unable to walk for two years and even with assistance, walking became a very difficult task. Mr. Mohd’s behavior also changed as he became less responsive due to the nature of this condition, as he often even failed to respond to his own family’s interaction and questions. His family was very concerned and took him to London for physical therapy. Saddly however even after following an intensive regime, no improvements were gained. Mr. Mohd’s family continued to look for help and when they searched the Internet, they read about Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) and the success they had in treating stroke victims. They decided to contact our hospital and after not too long, Mr. Mohd was on his way to receive treatment at BPIH.

Mr. Mohd could not walk independently and even with assistance it was very difficult from him to take a few steps. Further more he suffered from slurred speech and was depressed.

Comprehensive Treatment for Stroke

After his admission at BPIH, the patient Mr. Mohd completed all relevant examinations and the treatment protocol was confirmed. The patient received stereotactic brain surgery, which is a Minimally invasive procedure that aids with the repair of the brain. This was followed by TCM and Rehabilitation Therapy, which in combination aided his mental recovery and physical condition.

Medical Condition after Completion of his Treatment for Stroke

The patient’s symptoms greatly improved. His ability to walk and speak were much better than before and Mr. Mohd’s ability to think and respond improved as well!  Soon he become cheerful and even started to make jokes with his family and friends. Observing his great improvements, his family decided to stay for a further 8-weeks, to complete an additional Rehabilitation Therapy.














All the Dr’s and staff at BPIH are very happy for him, witnessing how he has embraced his new start in life.  We will keep in contact with him and wish him and his family all the best.