Comprehensive Treatment for Dystonia

Medical History

Ms. Ana Saenz has suffered from dystonia with involuntary movement in four limbs for 4 years.

Her husband help her search our hospital on line and we arranged for a consultation. Impressed by the hospital and its high standard treatment, they decided to have minimally invasive stereotactic operation.

She was alert with slurred speech. Bilateral palpebral fissure were symmetrical. Pupils were equal and round, diameter was 3.0mm, with brisk response to the light. Ocular movements were intact, no nystagmus. Bilateral nasolabial grooves were symmetrical. No deviation was noted during tongue protruding or uvula. Pharyngeal reflex was existed. Muscle strength was 4/5, muscle tone was slightly increased in lower limbs.

Comprehensive Treatment for Dystonia

The patient has completed relevant examinations after admission. The patient has received Minimally Invasive brain repair on Nov 8th 2019. TCM and Rehabilitation training are also provided to her to improve her general physical condition.

Medical Condition after Completion of her Treatment for Dystonia

The patient’s symptoms are greatly improved. Her abnormal movement was decreased. Muscle tone was decreased in the left lower limb. Muscle strength was 3/5 in the left limb, 5/5 in the right limb. The patient and her family are very happy to see her significant improvement and willing to share the treatment experience on their own Face book.