Comprehensive treatment for MND

Medical History

Mr. W.O was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) due to progressive upper limb weakness with muscle atrophy, of which he suffered from for more than 2 years.

He began to notice fasciculations in his left arm in Nov 2017, which then progressed to involve his whole right arm, chest, back and eventually even the lower limbs. He also began to experience painful cramps in these locations and was finally diagnosed with ALS in May 2018.

With his diagnosis confirmed by a specialist, Mr. W.O could not accept that there was no treatment for ALS, so he ventured out on his own and began to research his condition and searched for any treatments that could possibly return his live back to normal; that is when he discovered Stem Cell Therapy. As a successful entrepreneur with the spirit of adventure, he decided try it out and travelled to various Hospitals around the world to receive the different treatment options that they offered and Mr. W.O received Stem Cell Treatment 1-2 times every month!

Mr. W.O’s general condition noticeably improved after the completion of these Stem Cell Treatments. His muscle strength returned to normal, 5/5 in four limbs, his muscular tension was relieved and he felt normal again. Muscular atrophy was still noted in the left triceps brachii.

Mr. W.O was introduced to BPIH and arranged for a consultation. Impressed by the hospital and its high standards he decided to have his next Stem Cell Therapy at BPIH and even introduced some of his friends from an ALS Support Group to come to BPIH as well.

On Aug 2019, Mr. W.O had his first treatment at BPIH and was accompanied by 3 of his ALS friends, who too received treatment at the same time.

Comprehensive Treatment for ALS

After admission, several protocols were applied, including Stem Cell Therapy to repair any injured neural cells, a specialized IV protocol to improve neural function and metabolism which was combined with TCM and Rehabilitation Therapy.

Medical Condition after Completion of his Treatment for ALS

Mr. W. O and his friends are very satisfied with the treatment they received at BPIH and are continuing to introduce more members of their ALS Support Group to BPIH.

We wish him well and are more than happy to see him return to live a normal life!














Our medical team and the ALS group