Comprehensive treatment for MND

Medical History

Mr. Indrek Olmaru was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to progressive limbs weakness, speech difficulty for over a year.

He first got sick in Apr 2017 with muscle cramps in legs, then his condition gradually developed into four limbs weakness, slurred speech, respiratory difficulty, as well as swallowing difficulty. His family was desperate. One day, his wife read a case story of one MND patient from their country, Ms. KADI KORNAK, who has gained great improvement at BPIH. Ms. Kadi’s story gave him new hope and started his consultation with BPIH. Soon they decided to come to BPIH for treatment.

Medical Condition before Comprehensive Treatment for MND

The patient was presented with decreasing muscle strength. His legs were getting weaker and weaker. He couldn’t balance himself while walking. Assistance is needed even moving inside the room. He has swallowing difficulty with blurred speech.

Comprehensive Treatment for MND

After admission, several medical protocols were applied, including Neural growth factor treatment to repair the injured neural cells, medical improvement of neural function and metabolism, combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and rehabilitation therapy.

Medical Condition after Comprehensive Treatment for MND

After admission, he couldn’t balance himself, so he needed assistance while walking. Even with assistance he could only walk for about 20ms.

Only one week after admission, his balance improved a lot and could walk for a longer distance. At that time, with assistance, he could walk for 60ms.

During the 2nd and 3rd week of his hospitalization, his condition keeps improving and could walk independently for 10 meters.

Here is the video of Mr. Indrek Olmaru while he wasreceiving rehabilitation training. From the video we can see that his condition is gradually improved during the three weeks treatment.


His speech becomes clearer and now he can speak louder than before. He also feels his breathing is better.

Mr. Olmaru is satisfied with his great improvements and he is more confident of his further recovery. We are looking forward to seeing more improvements of Mr. Olmaru in the future.