Comprehensive Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Medical Condition before Anti-Cancer Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Mr. Jorgan Vindfeldt was a 70 year old male when recently admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital.  He was diagnosed as having prostate cancer with bone metastasis a year before admission at local hospital, for which he received endocrine therapy. After that Mr. Jorgan initially began to feel better until just prior to his current admission. PSA-levels have been stable, and there has been no apparent improvement of the bone metastasis, as determined by bone scan.

Patient Jorgan turned to the cancer program at BPIH, seeking advanced therapy for his prostate cancer.

Before his recent treatment for prostate cancer, Patient Jorgan suffered so much pain that he had to rely on pain medicine several times a day. In general he felt depressed.

Medical Condition after Anti-Cancer Treatment for Prostate Cancer

After 2 weeks treatment, at the time of his discharge from treatment for prostate cancer, patient Jorgan was experiencing steady improvement in his symptoms: in fact, he did not even need to take his pain meds, since the pain was basically gone. He was becoming more energetic and happier.