Cryotherapy for metastatic melanoma

Mr. Ian Robert Barry, a 70-year-old male patient from Australia, suffering from metastatic melanoma. He was found right neck mass during physical examination 1 year ago but didn’t pay any attention. Unfortunately the mass enlarged 8 months ago. He received ‘natural therapy’ at local hospital but there was no significant improvement. The patient was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma 7 months ago at local hospital. Biopsy test showed malignant melanoma.
At that time, his doctor suggested him to receive surgery combined with regular chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He refused it and still insist on looking for treatment without regular chemotherapy or radiology. After consulting with a local doctor and searching for different options of treatments, Mr. Ian Barry decided to travel to Beijing Puhua International Hospital. After a thorough communication with the medical consultant, he was admitted to Puhua hospital on Nov 10th 2018.
After his admission, the attending doctor thoroughly examined his condition and reviewed all medical files . In the right side of the neck, there are two adjacent oval shaped masses, with the appearances of replaced lymph nodes. The masses measured 25X20 mm and 18X17 mm in diameter.











Our medical team prepared a individualized treatment plan for him which included: Cryotherapy + PD-1/PD-L1(Opdivo)+oral targeted medicine+ CIK immunotherapy +TCM( Traditional Chinese Medicine). He didn’t experience any side effects during the surgery or after the surgery.




























After the 2 weeks comprehensive treatment, Mr. Ian Barry recovered very well. Before discharge, all the examination results showed improvements and he was able to be discharged according to the plan. The discharge recommendation from our senior oncologist include: have regular follow ups at local clinics, keep a healthy diet, exercise regularly and repeat relevant tests.
3 months after discharge, we are very glad to received his new examination results: CT showed no evidence of melanoma metastasis. Compared with the CT scan before the treatment, the tumor size is significantly reduced.

The good news greatly encouraged our doctors and we sincerely hope that Mr. Ian Barry will have a long and healthy life.

(his latest X-Ray report on 04/03/2019) (His current right side of neck picture)

























About Cryosurgical Ablation (CSA)











Using imaging guided techniques (Ultrasound, CT or MRI), cryo-probes are inserted into tumors to lower the temperature of the targeted area -160℃ or lower. Later the temperature is raised between 20 to 40℃. This process is repeated two or three times, resulting in complete ablation of the tumor.

 CSA has the following advantages:

• It is applicable to both small and large tumors. It can be used for ablation of single or multiple tumors.
• Cryosurgical ablation will not cause damage to large blood vessels and trachea, so it can be used to treat tumors near those areas.
• It is a painless operation, and it helps reduces pain caused by cancer.
• The whole process of cryosurgical ablation can be monitored through imaging techniques such as ultrasound, CT or MRI.
• After cancerous cells are destroyed by CSA, dead cancerous cells will release antigens which will stimulate the immune system to eradicate any remaining cancerous cells and reduce re-occurrence of cancer.