Cryotherapy for prostate cancer

Mr. Garry Phillips, a 56-year-old male patient from Australia was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in October 2017.Initially he decided to receive treatment at a cancer center in Bangkok, Thailand. Until January 20th 2018, Mr. Phillips tried many different types of treatments for his cancer including local hyperthermia, immunotherapy, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage, colonic irrigation and various medications including sodium selenite, deoxyglucose and high doses of vitamin C. The treatment she received initially arrested the growth of the prostate cancer, however according to new blood tests and an MRI he received in August 2018, the sad news was – the cancer continued to grow.

The cancer center in Bangkok suggested for Mr. Garry Phillips to return to have more of the same treatment, however after consulting with a local doctor and researching the different options of treatments, Mr. Phillips decided to travel to Beijing Puhua International Hospital. After a brief communication with our consultant, he immediately was admitted to our hospital on Sep 3rd 2018.

After his admission, the attending doctor thoroughly examined has condition and all medical files . His last PSA test in October 2017 was 32. A prostatic MRI was performed on 6 October 2017 which demonstrated PI-RADS 5 lesion in the right transitional zone from the mid gland to the apex. The Pathology report dated 24th October 2017 revealed prostatic adenocarcinoma, Gerson Score 4+5=9. Since Mr. Garry Phillip’s physical condition was rated as very healthy, he was able to start his treatment at our hospital immediately.

Our medical team prepared a customized treatment plan for him which included: Platelet-rich plasma, KangAi as well as PD-1 were given the patient to improve his immune system, which he tolerated without experiencing any side effects. The next step included cryosurgery of the prostate, targeting the tumor mass.















(Pictures during cryotherapy)

After 2 weeks of a comprehensive treatment protocol Mr Phillips recovered well. At his final examination all was fine and was able to be discharged from our hospital. Our Senior Doctor, advised him to remain under medical care at a tertiary hospital (Australia) and to continue to monitor his condition, to follow a healthy diet, to exercise regularly and to have follow up blood tests and scans.


With great joy, we received an email from Mr. Garry’s doctor on the November 24th 2018, one month after his discharge from our hospital, informing us about his significant improvement:“…patient had blood tested returned yesterday and his PSA is now 11, when he left your hospital it was 26…”

Medical work is always difficult and no results can be guaranteed, but our team always strives to do their best; so it is very rewarding when people do well and get cured. The good news greatly encouraged our doctors and we sincerely hope that Mr. Garry will have a long and healthy life.