Effective treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

Medical history

Sergey worked as a police officer until 15.02.2016, when an unfortunately incident occurred and he was injured in a mine explosion. The doctor’s diagnosis was very bad: Sergey had severe contusion of the spinal cord; a gunshot fracture of the acromial end of the right clavicle, upper flaccid paraparesis, lower spastic paraplegia and pelvic organ dysfunction.

From this day forward, Sergey’s life never was the same. He no longer could work as a policeman and following surgery, his daily duties were primarily focused on rehabilitation. It was a very tough time for Sergey who fortunately had a very caring wife, Olga who supported him all the way. Also being a police officer, she knew that their job often placed them in dangerous situations with the risk of serious injury or even death.

As Sergey is a very strong man and he strongly desired to be able to stand up again and as soon as possible, he relentlessly practiced the rehabilitation exercises. Soon Sergey approached the limits of his own abilities and as any further treatment options were not available in any of the Russian hospitals, Olga began to search for a solution in overseas hospitals. When she contacted Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH), she finally found a hospital that was able to offer assistance. Sergey’s medical history was emailed to BPIH and the doctor’s response was positive. BPIH was very swift and precise in all communications which impressed Olga very much. Soon Sergey and Olga decided for the spinal reconstruction and Biological Therapy which BPIH offered and they went on their way to China.

Spinal Cord Reconstruction Surgery and Neural Growth Factor Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Following admission at BPIH and the completion of his physical examination, Sergey was given an “intraspinal explore via post-middle approach” on 11-5- 2018. An atrophy of the spinal cord was noted, the operation however was successful. Following the operation, Sergey received further supportive therapies via IV, to reduce bleeding, to speed up nerve tissue recovery and to prevent any possible infections as well as TCM.

Medical Condition after the treatment

Following surgery, Surgey started to have some feelings come back in his lower limbs and he noticed that he now had the ability to senses his need to urinate.













Group photo with attending Doctor Bing Fu

In order to consolidate the curative effect, he came to Puhua Hospital for the second time to receive biological therapy via lumber puncture in May 2019.












Sergey is receiving rehabilitation training










At the second visit to BPIH, Olga surprised the Doctors with some delicacies from her home town.

Surgery is currently undergoing more rehabilitation training in Russia. The recovery process of any spinal cord injury takes a long time, but we know that soon we will receive some more good news about the ongoing improvements of his condition.