HIFU & Immunotherapy Comprehensive treatment conquer Multiple Cancer














Mr. Kilburn is a 58 years old gentle man from Australia who suffered from colon cancer with metastases in liver and lung, and treated in local hospital with right hemicolectomy. On the deep aspect of the anastomoses there was a 26*26 mm soft tissue opacity not present (26/06/2018). Metastases: abdomen: the multiple liver metastases have increased in size and number since 26/06/2018.Upper left peritoneal lesion today 14mm, previously 14mm. There’s a new deposite in the pelvis, 20*14mm, not previously seen. Abdomen adjacent to the liver and surgical site 20*22 mm. Left pelvic deposite 16mm. Lungs: index lesion today 17mm, previously 12mm anterior middle lobe. The lateral right upper lobe lesion has also increased in size and now shows cavitation and a new small metastasis has developed in the superior segment of the left lower lobe.

Mr. Kilburn could not get effective treatment in local hospital and searched a lot of cancer treatment information online. He contacted cancer hospitals from Japan, German, Chinese Taiwan and China, Beijing Puhua International Hospital is his last choice as during the consultation process he got all the answers from the medical consultant and he knew his condition deeper and better and he was greatly encouraged. He began his treatment trip to Beijing quickly and each arrangement was smooth.

After admission and completed relevant examinations, he was given symptomatic treatment, Kangai via IV injection and immunotherapy. His BP was 175/95mmhg, He has received HIFU knife on Apr 3rd 2019, the operation went smoothly; He was given Stivarga 80mg since Apr 9th 2019; Immunotherapy since Apr13th 2019. The treatment procedure went smoothly and the patient felt no discomfort.



















HIFU utilizes ultrasound’s good penetrability, and intensity as the ultrasound beam travels through the transducer probe and is focused into a point, precisely targeting the tumour, which is heated up between 60 to 100 Degrees Celsius. The cellular proteins of the tumour coagulate leading to tumour ablation (thermal destruction of tissue), without surrounding tissue being harmed.  The dead tumour tissues are then gradually reabsorbed by the body.











His condition was improved, with good mental status, diet and sleep and no dizziness or headache was noted. Mr. Kilburn was very satisfied with the treatment experience in Beijing Puhua International Hospital, felt every work staff as his families. We are waiting for the MRI images 2 months later to see the comparison. He would like to write a blog or a book to record his treatment stories in Beijing, and planning to come back for next stage immunotherapy after 6 months.