HIFU Treatment For Adenomyosis


The patient was appeared with menstrual pain 6 years ago. At that time the pain was tolerable and did not affect her normal work and study. Menstrual period lasted for 7 days, cycle was 25 days, menstrual volume was moderate; Her menstrual pain was more severe 4 years ago that she needs to take painkiller, VAS score was 8 points. menstrual pain was worsen 2 years ago, which affected her normal work. Menstruation was accompanied with significant lumbar and back pain, vomiting, as well as irregular diet during menstruation. Menstrual volume was increased, 3 bags of sanitary towel need to be used per time. She has anemia, HB reached 9g.

In December 2017, the patient underwent laparotomy for adenomyosis resection. Menstrual pain was relieved for one month after the operation only. Later she was given leuprorelin three times, the pain was still existed. The patient was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital for HIFU treatment.








Preoperative MRI showed Adenomyosis of posterior wall.








Preoperative enhanced MRI showed significant Adenomyosis of posterior wall.

The patient received HIFU treatment in July 2018, treatment time was 2 hours, radiation 1400S, average power 400W, total energy 1120000J.The lesion showed significant gray level change during the operation.






Ultrasound during the operation.

The patient rest for 2 hours after the surgery and recovered to normal. The patient didn’t suffer any uncomfort.









The patient repeated MRI scanning 6 months later, the lesion has already reduced by 70%, adenomyosis relived after the surgery. VAS score was 4, menstrual volume became normal.








Photo of the patient and BPIH’s medical team