HIFU treatment for Fibroma

OLESYA, a beautiful Russian girl has been experiencing pain and discomfort caused by hard fibroma on her thigh for 11 years! In 2008, she discovered a hard mass in her thigh, which was diagnosed at her local hospital in Russia as a fibroid, 6 cm in size. It is a rare form of benign hypertrophy of a tendon, which is estimated to occur in only 3.7 cases per one million population per year. Fibroids may be single or multiple. Most fibroids start in the muscular wall of the uterus, however in some rare circumstances Fibroids can also occur in the abdomen and in skeletal muscle. Hard fibromas occure mostly in 30 to 50 years old women.

Due to poor preoperative diagnosis and the possible progression to fibrosarcoma, most patients are treated with early surgical resection. The extent of resection includes tumors and nearby normal muscle fascia and tissues, to reduce postoperative recurrence and as such Olesya had the fibroid surgically removed at her local hospital in Russia.

Unfortunately in 2010, the fibroid returned and Olesya traveled to South Korea for a second operation. However only three years later the hard fibroma returned and Olesya was devastated.

How can this be, within 5 years and having received two operations in two different countries and she was still left with a large fibroid in her thigh?

Director Chen from Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) explained to Olesya that this fibroid indeed has a very strong vitality and just like the spring grass, if the wildfire does not burn it all, the spring breeze will promote its growth again. Although being a benign tumor, it can still be of an invasive nature with a very high likely hood to return, having a recurrence rate as high as 25% to 40%! If the area of resection is not done large enough and some fibroid remains, the irritation of the surgery stimulates it’s regrowth, which may then get out of control. Olesya’s case is a prime example why surgery is not a good solution for this type of condition.

Olesya was searching for a different solution as surgery had failed her, in the meantime the fibroid did grow to 18 cm in size and caused a lot of pain. Olesya was very desperate when only last year a Russian friend, who is a Doctor told her about HIFU treatment and Olesya decided to give it a go and immediate travelled to China.









Can HIFU treatment solve this Problem?

HIFU (High-intensity focused ultrasound) ablation of fibroids is a non-surgical, minimally invasive, therapeutic option, that causes minimal destruction to any of the surrounding tissues, nerves or blood vessels. It is performed relative quick and has a unique advantage towards surgery as this technique permits in situ ablation of fibroids with a low post operative recurrence rate and the treatment can be repeated if necessary, even without causing scarring or unwanted tissue destruction.

These were the reasons why Olesya was very eager to use HIFU treatment. After 9 years of failed treatment options, Olesya became an expert of her condition and knew that there was no future in perusing any further surgical options in her case.  BPIH in fact, encourages its patients to make educated decision by providing all possible information about their latest treatment options and the patient’s medical condition. After all, we have a common goal, and we hope we can improve the patient’s life through our help.

On June 25, 2019, Olesya received the HIFU treatment under local anesthesia. The procedure went smoothly, the treatment time took about 3 hours and following a further 2 hours of observation, she was able to return to her hotel room to rest.

On June 26th, a contrast-enhanced MRI was performed and the image indicated that the lesions was ablated, which made Olesya very happy. She was very excited and said, that on her return to Russia, she must share her experience about the superb skills of BPIH’s staff with her family and friends.





















Before treatment








After treatment