HIFU Treatment for Myoma of Uterus


The patient was discovered Myoma of Uterus during health check-up 3 years ago, no treatment was given, the myoma was growing gradually; Her menstrual blood volume was increased 1 year ago, menstrual period lasted for 4-20 days, 20-30 days per period, two bags of sanitary towel need to be used per time; Occasionally fatigue, dizziness. The patient was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital for further treatment.









Preoperative MRI showed Type II submucous myoma.









Preoperative enhanced MRI






The patient received HIFU treatment under sedation and analgesia, treatment lasted for 100 minutes, radiation 1005S, average power 400W, total energy 420000J. Ultrasound after the surgery showed the tumor has completely ablated.








The patient felt mild abdominal pain 20 days later, the myoma was passed spontaneously, no bleeding or other complication.








Repeated ultrasound showed intima was normal, no effusion.








Photo of the patient and BPIH’s medical team