Immunotherapy for prostate cancer

Mr. Martyn was appeared with increased nocturia 5 months ago, accompanied with back pain and odynuria. He was diagnosed as urinary tract infection at local hospital. His condition was improved after taken anti-infection medication. 3 months ago, his symptoms came back again, accompanied with abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with advanced metastatic Prostate Cancer. It has spread to lymph nodes and the pelvic bone and lower vertebra. Gleason score was 8 (4+4). After symptomatic treatment with medications, his symptoms were improved. Mr. Martyn was interested in more advanced therapy with less side effect.  He found Puhua Hospital’s website and start to contact with our medical consultant.


After consultation with our chief oncologist Dr. Zhao, the treatment plan for him was made: Cryosurgery + Immunotherapy +TCM + Symptomatic treatment. Soon he made his decision and came to Beijing Puhua International Hospital.


We will re-evaluate each patient after arrival. After thorough evaluation, from the MRI images compared the former one he sent us before, his tumors shrinked than before as he’s been taking chemotherapeutic drug. After multi-disciplinary team discussion, we cancel the cryosurgery for him and proceed the immunotherapy (CIK therapy) +TCM + Symptomatic treatment.


Mr. Martyn and her wife were satisfied with the treatment and service at BPIH, and he said he feels good after the comprehensive treatment. He discharged on Dec 2018.










Two months after the treatment, he sent us an email. His PSA is down to 0.5 (1.75 before the treatment).















On May 2019, he sent us his recent CT report and images for evaluation. From his CT conclusion, “There has been almost complete resolution of the para-aoric and pelvic sidewall lymphadenopathy”. Mr. Martyn told us he wants to come back for a second cycle of the treatment.


Now Mr. Martyn has finished his second cycle of the treatment, we will keep follow up him and provide him further treatment suggestions. Looking forward to his further recovery!