Life changing improvements after Stem Cell Treatment at BPIH

Medical History

It was 2 years that Mr. Gaitho Eric was suffering from paroxysmal numbness, weakness in both limbs and blurred vision in his right eye, before he was diagnosed with MS at his local hospital. Mr Eric desperately searched for any treatment that could help reclaim his health, when the learned about Stem Cell Therapy. Different Hospital in USA, Israel, Russian and China offered him treatment options, but after more research he was impressed with the treatment combination Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) offered and he decided to make a trip to Beijing.

Medical Condition before his Treatment

Muscle strength: Upper limbs 5/5, right lower limb 4/5, left lower limb 5-/5 and Mr Eric when walking required a walking stick. He experienced blurred vision in the right eye and had bilateral nystagmus (+). He had memory lapses and frequently felt fatigued.

Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Following his admission, all necessary examinations and test were completed. BPIH’s medical team thoroughly evaluated his medical condition and designed a Treatment Protocol. The Treatment Protocol included Stem Cell Therapy and BPIH’s unique IV Therapy which was used to enhance the Stem Cell Therapy and neural function as well as to promote his cerebral blood circulation. It was further individualized with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy.

Medical Condition prior to Discharge

The patient’s muscle strength in his right lower limb improved remarkably. His ability to lift his heel of the ground while standing on his foot did noticeable improve as well. His knees were less stiff and he was able to walk at a much faster pace without losing his balance, especially when walking up or down stairs. Muscle strength of both right and left lower limb was 5/5.

3 Years progress report following treatment at BPIH














Recently, BPIH received an email from Mr. Eric:

“Luckily, I now have an array of good news to inform you of.


Post treatment, the first improvements I noticed was that my level of fatigue had pretty much disappeared and I stopped suffering from forgetfulness. Now I am comfortably driving (I passed a driving test in June), my eyesight has improved and I don’t use glasses anymore. I am able to train 6 times a week (I have a gym at home which really helps), I just started walking without the need for a walking stick! Last year I started a business that I am running from home and Jane and I got married and she is now pregnant.


I hope you and the team are doing fine. Say a big “Hi” to all and a big ‘Thank you’.”










We are thrilled about his life changing improvements and truly feel happy about the wonderful life he still has ahead of him. Mr. Eric send us his recent photo taken during his exercise, he looks much stronger and more energetic.