Look,mama! Star,star!

Every child loves starts. They like to watch the sparkling stars and imagine the big world. They like to make a good wish when the meteor shot across the sky, as well as count stars when they cannot fall asleep at night. Unfortunately, little Maria never got the chance to seen star due to her illness.









Maria was born on Feb 17th 2009. At birth, she was diagnosed with hypotonia and hyporeflexia. Multiple hemangiomas were found in the skin of head, body and limbs.

In 2015, she was diagnosed with Sotos syndrome. Her symptoms include acromegaly, dysfunction of the left hand, hydrocephaly, multiple tumor formation, nystagmus, astigmatism and partial atrophy of the optic nerve discs.

Her skin was thin and translucent, which looks like tissue paper with reduced elasticity and increased fragility of blood vessels.

Several times, Maria’s family went to hospital with hope and returned home with disappointment. Especially about eye treatment. This was repeated for many years, but they never give up and keep fighting for the girl. With time went by and with all kinds of treatment, her limbs functions improved a lot, and her cognition was well developed. Therefore, her parents began to look for various clinics for her eye treatment. The parents really want their daughter to have the chance to see this wonderful world.

















They learned about Beijing Puhua International Hospital through Internet. After sending all the medical reports to the hospital, they received treatment plan and estimate cost from the hospital. Upon receipt of the treatment plan, the family got new hope and decided to go for the treatment. Then the family arrived China on February 20, 2018. After examinations, the treatment plan was carried out accordingly: Retrobulbar injection of Nerual Growth Factor, subcutaneous injection of Nerve Growth Factors ,  medication to improve nutrient supply for nerves by IV drip, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

On March 9, Maria was discharged from the hospital. After 2 months, her mother wrote us a letter and happily told us that now little Maria can see the stars! And previously she could not imagine what stars look like. We hope that in the future her vision will be better, and the girl will understand and see how beautiful the world we are living in.