Minimally Invasive Brain Repair for Cerebral Palsy


On February 14th 2011, Hadi Abdul was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to “postnatal retardation in speech, intelligence and mobility.” He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at admission.

Medical Condition Prior to Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery (Functional Stereotaxy) for Cerebral Palsy

Patient Hadi’s condition was quite poor when he was admitted. His neck was weak, and he couldn’t raise his head, even with external assistance. It was almost impossible for him to sit unassisted. Muscle tone of four limbs was abnormally high, and involuntary movements were noted in all his arms and legs. He had little response to outside stimulus..

Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery for Cerebral Palsy

After admission, several medical protocols were applied, including stereotactic treatment to repair the injured neural cells, medical improvement of cerebral circulation, nutrition and metabolism, combined with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), rehabilitation therapy, as well as symptomatic and supportive treatment.

Medical Condition after Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery for Cerebral Palsy

Patient Hadi’s overall condition improved after Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery.

He had much more response to outside stimulus. He could turn his head and follow moving objects, as well as to dodge obstacles in front of him. He was more sensitive to external stimulation. Fewer involuntary movements limb-movements were noted as his muscle tone normalized. In addition, he achieved better balance control, and was soon able to support his body. He could sit for as long as 10 minutes with no assistance. While sitting, he was able to rebalance himself unassisted. With assistance, he could step forward voluntarily.

Follow up:

(June 23rd 2011)

Three months later, Hadi’s mother sent an email to tell us Hadi’s further improvements after discharge:

Hello, Gloria

Been quite a while. How is work and everyone at Beijjng Puhua International Hospital?

Hadi’s Progress:  Hadi is able to swallow well now and chew his food. he chews with the few teeth that he got in his mouth. Feeding is no more a night mare for us now. He also tries to inform us that he is Hungry by being very cranky. He is able to eat and swallow solid food now on like before.

He does not throw up his food again, if he does, just bring out mucus in his chest. He takes his medications easily now.

His Body is now more relaxed. His legs is more flexible and his arm too . Still having a bit of stiffness but so much better than when we left.

The short seizures has reduced drastically that we hardly noticed it. May be 4 to 6 times in a day now and then or nothing at all.


Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards


Hadi’s Mum

(July 2nd 2012)

On Oct. 10th 2011, Hadi came to our hospital for his second treatment.

On July 2nd 2012, we receive a follow up letter from his mother:

Hello Dr Zheng,

How are you and the hospital staff. Been a while and thought to give you updates on Hadi.

The rehabilitation for Hadi has really helped. I realized that he has stopped the funny reaction that seemed like seizure, where he opens his mouth and folds his hand. At first he did that when to express his sudden reaction. But now it is no more. I cannot recall the last time he did it. So I will say no more seizure.

Hadi wiggles his toes now and can stand straight on his feet flat with his heels down without pain with help though. He is beginning to gain strength in his leg muscles.

He can now sit longer on his own with his head up, and can concentrate on watching the television now, he even laughs with the people he sees on TV, and reacts to sudden movement. He can laugh now. He will fathom laugh at you when you make funny movement. He laughs at you when you talk to him.

His Chest is so clear now and he is able to clear his throat when mucus disturbs him, he takes his medicine with easy now his and eats swallows his food so well now.

We are still awaiting his hands. He still yet to use them, though he moves them better than before. I pray he uses them and pray he starts to understand when we communicate with him.

In General he has improved that people give good comments on him any time they see him.

Is there anything I can do to assist his hands sensitivity?

Our love to all the doctors and staff especially Dr Li.

Till I hear from you is thank you and God bless.

Gloria (Hadi’s mum)