Nerve Repair For Brachial Plexus Injury-Chowdhury

Medical History

3 months ago, in Bangladesh, the patient accidentally fell from a 7m tree, with his right shoulder against the ground. This accident caused the injury of his right arm and leg. At that time, his lost consciousness, and couldn’t move his right arm or leg. He was sent to emergency department of local hospital, and was diagnosed with C5-C6 fracture( fracture of cervical vertabra). After emergency management, the patient regained consciousness. Later on, he went to India and did cervical diskectomy and intervertebral bone graft fusion. After the treatment, the patient’s right leg recovered gradually, and he was able to walk independently. However, his right arm still doesn’t work. He couldn’t move his right arm and with damaged sensation in his fingers.

How he reached to Puhua Hospital for Brachial Plexus Injury treatment

When he was searching online, he came across Beijing Puhua International Hospital website. He was impressed with the excellent medical team. He submitted his inquiry through the website. The same day, he received reply from the medical consultant. The medical consultant guided him through the medical evaluation and answered all his questions. Finally, he received an evaluation report from the hospital, including treatment plan, treatment period, cost and other details. Soon after receiving the evaluation report, the patient decided to go to Puhua for further treatment and started arrange the payment. After making the appointment, he booked his flight. During the whole procedure, our Bangladesh Representative provided a lot assistance to facilitate their medical evaluation and travel. On the day of arriving, the English speaking service coordinator was waiting for him at the airport, holding a board with his name on.

P.S. Our Bangladesh Representative: Dr. Kamrul Islam,, moblie: +880 1812 041267

Treatment for Brachial Plexus Injury

After admission, the patient underwent pre-operation investigations. The medical team discussed about his final plan based on the investigations. On Feb 14th 2017, the patient underwent the operation with general anesthesia, including right brachial plexus probe, nerve repair & neurolysis, contralateral C7 nerve transfer. The whole surgery went smoothly, and the patient recovered very well after the surgery.

Condition after treatment for Brachial Plexus Injury

The day before his discharge, the medical team re-evaluates his condition, and noticed that the sensation in his right fingers was significantly improved. He is supposed to experience gradual improvement in the next 10 months. We are expecting to hear more good news from him.