Comprehensive treatment for ALS

Ms. KADI KORNAK is an ALS patient from Estonia. At the end of 2016, she started to feel weakness on the left foot after injury. The weakness existed long after the injury healed. She gradually developed to four limbs weakness. Accompanied with muscle tone increasing, lack of urine control and lumbar back pain. Finally he couldn’t take care of herself. In Oct 2017, she was diagnosed with ALS at local hospital. During the past year, Kadi has tried so many kinds of medicine, but did gain any improvement.
Two days prior to her admission, speech disorder appeared. She could not speak loudly and it takes a lot of strength for her to speak with the normal volume.
After admission, she has completed relevant examinations.
MRI: Protrusion of intervertebral disc in L5/S1;
Abdominal ultrasound: Mild fatty liver, cholecystitis with multiple stones of gallbladder wall;
EMG: Extensive neurogenic damage, ALS was considered.

After a MDT consultation, the patient was given medicine to improve the nutrition supply of the nerves, Nerve Growth Factor Injection, rehabilitation therapy (Physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy), and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).








During this four weeks hospitalization, Kadi has received comprehensive treatment provided by professional medical team, as well as thorough nursing care. Kadi feels her movements of neck, shoulder and hips are more flexible, involuntary tremor in legs is stopped. Her speech is louder and clearer before discharged.

Prior to discharge, Our chief neurologist Dr. Yang communicated with Kadi and her family regarding her condition and give her suggestions after discharge.

We hope to see Ms. Kadi gain more improvements in the future, and hope we are able to help more ALS patients.

10 months later (Jan 11th 2019), Ms. Kadi came back for second cycle of the treatment.

After 4 weeks of comprehensive treatment, her speech, swallowing function and mental stauts are improved.

The period she is staying at BPIH is near the Chinese Spring Festival, this is the photo of Kadi’s husband holding Chinese paper-cut and our medical staff.