Stem Cell Factor Treatment for Hereditary Retinal Dystrophy

Medical History:  

Nora was admitted Beijing Puhua International Hospital for further treatment due to visual impairment for 3 years.

She was diagnosed with Hereditary Retinal Dystrophy at London’s hospital on Sep 2015.

Her three older brothers were diagnosed with same diseases. Her parents are consanguineous.

Symptomatic Treatment for Eye Disease:

She was first admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital on August 12th 2017 and received 3 weeks treatment. The treatment plan was: 2 times Retrobulbar Injection therapy + 1 time lumbar puncture injection+ 1 time IV injection; mouse growth factor injections;Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments; and other supporting treatment.

The patient gained improvement after the first treatment, she can see further than before.

Because of the patient is too young to cooperate, examinations were failed last year. The examination of this year is as following:











From Mar 19th 2018 to Apr 13th 2018, Mohamed has received the second cycle of treatment at BPIH. We are looking forward to see her more improvements in the future.