Stem Cell Treatment for Hereditary Retinal Dystrophy

Medical History:

Omar was admitted Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to progressive visual impairment for 16 years(since born).
He was diagnosed with Hereditary Retinal Dystrophy in London in Sept of 2015. His two younger brothers and 1 younger sister were diagnosed with same diseases. His parents are consanguineous.

Symptomatic Treatment for Eye Disease:

He was first admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital on August 12th 2017 and received 3 weeks treatment. The treatment plan was: 2 times Retrobulbar Injection therapy + 1 time lumbar puncture injection+ 1 time IV injection; mouse growth factor injections;Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments; and other supporting treatment.
The patient gained significant improvement after the first treatment.
Vision examination of August 15th 2017: Right eye: 0.25 Left eye: 0.25
Vision examination of March 20th 2018: Right eye: 0.4 Left eye: 0.4
The comparison of examination results is as following:
Examinations on August 15th 2017(3images) in each image, the upper part is for right eye and lower part is for left eye.










Examination on March 20th 2018(7 images)



















Examinations on April 13th 2018










At the first admission, the vision of both eyes were: counting finger at 1-2 meters. At the second admission, he could see hand movements at 3.5m. His vision was slightly better under strong flash.

From Mar 19th 2018 to Apr 13th 2018, Omar has received the second cycle of treatment at BPIH. We are looking forward to see his more improvements in the future.