Noticeable Improvement After Biotherapy for Brain Injury

Medical history

Mr. Albert was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to ataxia disorder caused by brain injury for 4 years. He was beaten by somebody on his occiput and back neck, breathing difficulty and ataxia disorder were appeared. He was given tracheotomy, respirator and decompressive craniectomy, etc. Cranioplasty was given 3 months later. He kept rehabilitation training. Currently having mobility disorder of four limbs and speech disorder, presented with walking and four limbs imbalance, inarticulate speech, etc.

Medical Condition before Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery for BI

Mr. Albert could not complete coordinate tests including finger-to-nose test, alternative test, etc. He was present with hands tremor. Severe tremor in upper body was noted during his walking.

Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery for BI

After admission, the patient has completed relevant examinations. Several medical protocols were applied, including: Minimally invasive brain repair, combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), rehabilitation therapy. The whole treatment takes two weeks.

Medical Condition after Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery for BI

Three days after Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery, Mr. Albert starts showing improvements: he is able to complete finger-to-nose test. Basically, there is no tremor in his upper body during his waling. He can sit up straighter than before, and his hands are normal with no tremor.

Mr. Albert and his family are very excited about the improvement. We are looking forward to his further improvement and we will keep follow him up.