Obvious curative effect of diabetes treatment

Medical history

Mark is a 17 years old boy from Lithuania. He was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to diabetes. He has received relevant treatments in local and UAE hospitals, but he hasn’t achieved good results. His family heard that Chinese biotherapy is helpful for diabetes so they contacted Beijing Puhua International Hospital online. After a series of communication, they arrived in Beijing at the end of June.

Medical Condition before Interventional therapy and biotherapy for diabetes

Because of congenital diabetes, he has to control his diet and measure blood sugar levels every day. This makes him unable to concentrate on learning.

Interventional therapy and biotherapy for diabetes

After admission, the patient has completed relevant examinations. Several medical protocols were applied, including: Interventional therapy, Biotherapy, Physical Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The whole treatment takes two weeks.

Medical Condition after Interventional therapy and biotherapy for diabetes

After 3 months, he has rechecked his glycated hemoglobin and C peptide, now the glycated hemoglobin is 7.5%, and the C peptide is 0.3, before our treatment the glycated hemoglobin was 8.2%, and the C peptide was < 0.1.

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Before the treatment

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After the treatment

Mark and his family are very excited about the improvement. Now he has reduced the amount of long-acting insulin. We are looking forward to his further improvement and we will keep follow him up and continue to guide him to adjust medication.

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