TCM treatment for metastatic ovarian cancer


Patient Jiang was a 47-year-old female from China, who was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) in February 2010, due to (late) ovarian cancer. Mrs. Jiang had problems with eating for the month prior to admission. She felt abdominal distension and was fatigued. 15 days before admission, she experienced abdominal pain that drove her to a local hospital where she received a color ultrasound examination. It revealed that a space-occupying lesion was in the pelvic cavity, and abdominal fluid. She did not have any treatments there. She came to PIH for TCM treatment.

Medical condition before TCM treatment for ovarian cancer

Before her arrival, she still had problems of eating, and she felt fatigued, and weak. Her abdominal distension persisted, as did her abdominal pain. Her mental status was poor. Abdominal CT scan followed her admission demonstrated that the ovarian cancer had metastases to abdomen, and abdominal fluid. Cancer cells were found during the abdominal paracentesis.

Combined TCM treatment for metastatic ovarian cancer

Determine the treatment was based on differentiation of symptoms and signs. Strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors was the principle, accompanied with intravenous and local treatment of natural, herb based anti-cancer drugs, and intraperitoneal hyperthermic chemoperfusion (IPHC).

Medical condition before TCM treatment for ovarian cancer

After four rounds of combined TCM therapy, her symptoms gradually improved. Her abdominal fluid disappeared, and she felt that she had more energy than before. Her body was gradually recovered strength.  Mrs. Jiang insisted on continuing the therapy for six months. After the treatments, her symptoms had significantly improved. She had no abdominal pain or abdominal distension. Improvements could also be seen with her mental status. Her general appearance was good, and she could again deal with her own daily life.