Puhua Provides More Options for Patients with Cancer

Mrs. Mali is a 62-years-old breast cancer patient. She comes from the beautiful Romania, a southeastern European country known for the forested region of Transylvania. Two years ago, Mrs Mali suddenly found a lump in her right breast. She visited a local hospital and was diagnosed with breast cancer. She followed the doctor’s advice and received a radical mastectomy. Her postoperative pathology is T2N2M0, breast cancer Ⅲ A. Following the operation, she received chemo and hormone therapy.
Unfortunately, one year ago Mrs. Mali felt a pain in her upper abdomen and lower back. She went to the local hospital to investigate the matter and the examination revealed liver and bone metastases. Since that time, Mrs. Mali and her family consulted many hospitals, urgently trying to find the best place for treatment. Comparing the different treatment options, she finally decided to attend Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH). Mrs Mali made her choice to attend BPIH, as our Oncology Team provided the most innovative treatment regime. In addition, BPIH experience in dealing with Overseas Patients would make her staying even more convenient and easy to manage.
In January 2017, Mrs. Mali arrive at BPIH. She is an amiable and positive lady, who is keeping a vegetarian diet including many healthy living habits. Her physical examination showed: A surgical scar on the right breast; abdomen was flat without subcutaneous abdominal varicose veins. Something hard was felt between the liver and the xiphoid process, with a diameter of about 8cm. An MRI concluded the diagnosis: Liver tumor. After consultation with the Oncology, General Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine apartment, an individualized treatment program was created. The treatment plan consisted off: Localized hepatic Intra-arterial Chemotherapy, Hyperthermia, Immune Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The treatment proceeded without complications.








(MRI before surgery, Jan 6th 2017)

Mrs. Mali recovered from the surgery well and the tumor reduced in size. After two weeks, our doctor performed a physical examination and Mrs. Mali was in good health and able to be discharged from our hospital. Our Doctor urged her to have regular examinations and to visit a Doctor immediately, if she feels unwell or uncomfortable in anyway.
Following up on her a few month later, Mrs Mali’s condition was still good and stable. In order to prevent any possible recurrence, she decided to visit BPIH for a follow up treatment.

After admission, she repeated an MRI scan as well as other examinations, only to be surprised by the result. The MRI validated that the original liver tumor had decreased in size nearly by 90%.
Both our Doctors and Mali are very pleased with the positive results. She then received Immunotherapy and minimally Invasive Therapy to prevent any future recurrence.

Both our Doctors and Mali are very pleased with the results. Then she was given Immunotherapy and minimally Invasive Therapy to prevent any future recurrence.








(MRI after surgery, Nov 15th 2017)

The treatment proceeded smoothly. Mrs. Mali’s condition and outlook on life improved greatly. After getting permission from our Head Physician, Mrs. Mali was discharged from our hospital at the end of November 2017. She took note of all the advice given by our doctors and returned home with her family to her beautiful country.

We are so happy and proud to see Mrs. Mali’s remarkable improvement. We sincerely hope she will stay optimistic and healthy.