Spinal Cord Reconstruction Surgery For Spinal Cord Injury

Gurjeet Brar is a 60 years old female patient who suffering from spinal cord injury since August 1987 at T11-12 due to car accident. She had no movement below T11-12. MRI (2011-02-05) revealed post T11 traumatic wedge compression fracture, and spinal cord injury. There’s cord transaction, with multiple cystic-appearing intra-and extra-axial lesions.

The patient could not walk, feel or control bowel and bladder. On March 9th 2016, she was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital for spinal cord reconstruction surgery.










During the operation, she was given nerve grafting from the shank, and with the neural nutrition medicine injected into the injured part. She was provided rehabilitation training and acupuncture treatment as well.
After 6 months, we got her daughter’s letter told that she had got significant improvement since discharge. The improvements including:

1-better sleep from 5-6hours periods throughout the night
2-also leg will slightly move to indicate the need to go bathroom. No leaking showing better control over bathroom
3-during the day no longer has to go to the washroom every 3 hours-now every 4-5 hours again no leaking
4-about 40-50% pain reduction on left side
5-hair growth on legs
6-bruising (blue/black nails) are primarily a flesh tone (pink)
7-feet occasionally bruise
8-a dramatic decrease in swelling
9-can feel the “feeling sensation” in both when instructed to move feet
10-back has fully recovered from surgery-no pain or other sensations
11-can feel the leg nerve/muscle attempt to move (no external feeling) just internal
12-left leg considerable amount of sensation when hold leg-my mom feels the restriction when eyes closed
13-there is a 90% decrease in her spasms in the legs and now can sleep through 6-7hours without getting up. Before the treatment she could only sleep 1 to 2 hour










So the patient’s family decided to take Mrs. Gurjit to come back to Puhua for further treatment. In September, she came back to our hospital for taking neural nutrition medicine combining with rehabilitation training and TCM treatment. We are looking forward to see her further improvement and will try the best to help her walk again.