Comprehensive Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury

Medical History

Mr. Zhao is a 54 year-old man from the mountainous region of the Hebei Province. At home he is the only income earner and as such plays a very important role in his family. On July 19th 2017, while building the house for his nephew, an accident occurred and Mr Zhao fell from a high of 3 meters to the ground. He was unconscious and following this accident was not able to move his upper limbs and right leg.

He was treated at a local hospital and after 14 days no improvements were noticed, except for a slight recovery in movement of his right leg. He also continued to suffer poor control of his bowls.

Mr Zhao was transferred to a hospital in Beijing where he was diagnosed with a bilateral brachial plexus nerve injury. The doctors determined that surgery was too risky and concluded that Mr Zhao would remain in this condition for the rest of his life. He was despaired after hearing the doctor’s verdicts and even contemplated to commit suicide. As a last chance of hope, a friend recommend Beijing Puhua International Hospital and Mr Zhao decided to get a second opinion.

Aug 2nd 2017,  the 1st day of hospitalization at Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH).

After his admission at BPIH, our medical team completed the clinical investigation.

His muscle strength of the upper limbs was 0/5. Muscle tone was weak, no muscle contraction and movements in both arms were noted.

Based on his former test results, BPIH’s medical team excluded brain injury and paraplegia. To confirm his diagnosis, Dr. Yanni Li worked closely with the MRI specialist, to locate the exact sites of the injured nerves. During this time, BPIH ‘s special protocol of IV nutritionals and medications were utilized to help promote and speed up the recovery process of his upcoming surgery.

Aug 3rd 2017, the 2nd day of hospitalization at Beijing Puhua International Hospital

Lead by Dr. Yanni Li, a multiple disciplinary consultation was conducted to study the patient’s symptoms and to complete the investigation. During this meeting the patient’s symptoms and MRI results were studied and a brachial plexus injury was excluded. The finding revealed that Mr Zhao had a Spinal Cord Injury at the level of C3-T1. Accordingly to the diagnosis, the Doctors prepared him for the Spinal Cord Reconstruction Surgery.
Our medical team ensured Mr Zhao that his treatment had a very high success rate and that with continued rehabilitation training, he could recover very soon.

Aug 4th, the 3rd day of hospitalization at Beijing Puhua International Hospital

Mr. Zhao’s condition significantly improved and he is able to move his upper limbs independently.

Mr. Zhao regains hope and was so excited that he began to cry. He expressed his deep gratitude to Dr. Li and her medical team.
Dr. Li was overjoyed to witness his remarkable improvement. Dr Li made sure that Mr Zhao understood that is was very important for him to continue his rehabilitation training as further improvements can be gained.







3rd day: Mr. Zhao’s condition is significantly improved, he is able to move upper limbs independently.







Dr. Li told Mr. Zhao to keep up his rehabilitation training.

Aug 4th, the 5th Day of hospitalization at Beijing Puhua International Hospital

The Triceps reflex was enhanced, Mr Zhao could stretch out his forearm and walk with assistance.

His finger movement improved and He also felt a numbness in arms, which is the sign of a nerve recovery phase. The patient’s muscle strength of the upper limbs continued to improve. He is now able to rotate both arms.

On Aug 11th, muscle strength of right upper limb restored to 4-/5, left upper limb to 3/5. The flexibility of all joints improved. Doctors started to gradually reduce all medications.

Aug 30th, the 4th week of hospitalization at Beijing Puhua International Hospital , Mr Zhao was ready to be discharged.

Mr Zhao demonstrated his ability to get off his bed, to walk unassisted and  to lift both arms and to even button up his shirt!







Mr. Zhao is getting off bed easily.










He can button up by himself.






Before leaving the hospital, doctor told him to keep rehabilitation training.

After his dramatic improvement, Mr. Zhao’s life is full of joy and happiness. He is very grateful for the help of the experienced and well-trained medical team at BPIH. He is very happy that he didn’t give up and did ask BPIH for a second opinion. A decision that now has changed his life for the better.








Mr. Zhao and his family are taking photo with doctors.

We are looking forward to seeing Mr. Zhao’s improve even further.