Spinal Cord Reconstruction Surgery for Spinal Cord Injury


The Chinese patient Jian Zhang was 26 when he was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital on December 12th 2010 after he suffered from a spinal cord injury, for which he had previously undergone a cervical vertebrae operation. At admission he could not move his arms or legs. At admission he was noted to have an elevated body temperature, as well as pressure (‘bed’) sores.

After one month of Neural Growth Factor Therapy, he was discharged on 11th January, 2011.

Medical Condition before Neural Growth Factor Therapy for spinal cord injury (SCI)

When he arrived, his arms and legs were so weak that it was impossible for him to stand or walk. In addition, he couldn’t move his fingers and toes. Beneath the C-5 plane, he had totally lost sensation.

Neural Growth Factor Therapy for spinal cord injury (SCI)

Patient Jian Zhang received Neural Growth Factor Therapy, self stem cell activation and proliferation program, rehabilitation training.

Medical Condition after Neural Growth Factor Therapy for spinal cord injury (SCI)

One month after admission for Spinal Cord Injury, improvements were seen in Patient Jian Zhang. Acupuncture and rehabilitation training accelerated Patient Jian Zhang’s recovery. By the time of discharge, improvements were noted with his sensation, temperature, even with the Patient’s pressure sores. Patient Jian Zhang regained sensation on the radial side of each arm, and the neurological plane of sensation became lower than before treatment on both sides of his body. He has regained sensation above the fourth intercostals plane on the left side and the third intercostal plane on the right side (prior to Neural Growth Factor Therapy, he only had sensation above the C-5 plane). His elevated body temperature also became normal and stable after the treatment (37.2℃).

All at BPIH are all looking forward to seeing more improvements in the case of Patient Jian Zhang.