Spinal Cord Reconstruction Surgery for Spinal Cord Injury


Patient Ebrahim Mohamed was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital with Chief Complaints of “movement disorder and loss of motor function and sensation (legs), loss of control of urine and stool 3 months post traffic accident,” in which he suffered a spinal cord injury.

Medical Condition Prior to Spinal Cord Reconstruction Surgery and Neural Growth Factor Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury

Prior to receiving spinal cord reconstruction surgery for Spinal Cord Injury, the patient’s general physical condition was relatively good above the level of the injury. Muscle strength was 5/5 in arms, 0/5 in legs. Muscle tone was correspondingly decreased in the legs. Sensations were absent below T5. Anus reflex was absent.

Spinal Cord Reconstruction Surgery and Neural Growth Factor Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury for 21 days

After admission, the patient completed his clinical investigation. On Nov 9th, 2015, the patient received intra-spinal surgical exploration via posterior-medial approach followed by surgical repair of the spinal cord. The operation went smoothly and the following treatments were offered after operation: fluid infusion, infection prevention and nerve nutrition, combined with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and physical rehabilitation training.

On Nov 17th 2015, the patient was given Neural Growth Factor Therapy via lumbar puncture. On Nov 19th 2015, he received repair of a bedsore (stasis ulcer).

Medical Condition after Spinal Cord Reconstruction Surgery and Neural Growth Factor Therapy or Spinal Cord Injury

After completing the above treatment program for Spinal Cord Injury, patient began to experience significant improvement of sensation. He began to experience sensation of his legs, and he felt stronger in the upper limbs and trunk. Through his rehabilitation training, he was increasingly optimistic of getting more function over his recovery and is hopeful that he may improve enough regainning not only sensation, but also some regain motor function in his legs.
Prior to his discharge from Beijing Puhua International Hospital Patient Mohamed also contributed in making a video before in order to share with others the positive early results of his treatment.

















Mr. Ebrahim Mohamed is very satisfied with the treatment in Beijing Puhua International Hospital