Stem Cell Treatment for Heart Failure

Medical History:
Mr. Goh is a 50 years old male patient who diagnosed with heart failure with impaired systolic function since 2009. Coronary angiogram (2009-10-06): normal coronaries. He was diagnosed as likely chemo related Dilated Cardiomyopathy, and taking the first SVT (Ventricular tachycardia) in 2011, he was conscious with no chest pain, no shortness of breath, no palpitation and no giddiness. He had B-cell lymphoma in the right groin lump and after chemotherapy with cured.

Transthoracic Echocardiography (2014-11-03): severely dilated LV size with markedly impaired LV systolic function. Visually estimated LVEF of 10%. SEMA of LV consistent with underlying ischaemia/infarct. Unable to characterise LV diastolic function due to E/A fusion. Trabeculation seen in LV apex. Moderately dilated RV size with impaired RV systolic function. Prominent moderator bend seen in RV. Moderate pulmonary hypertension with estimated pulmonary artery systolic presure 57.32mmHg and assuming mean RAP of 5mmHg.

He has been diagnosed with Severely dilated LV size with markedly impaired LV systolic function. Visually estimated LVEF of 10%. Calculated LVEF of 14%. Possible layered clot seen in akinetic LV apex. Severe bilateral dilation. Mild pulmonary hypertension with estimated PASP 36 mmHg and assuming mean RAP of 5 mmHg.






After admission at Beijing Puhua International Hospital
After his admission to our hospital, his ejection fraction (EF) was below 15%.
Following the completion of all standard medical tests, mesenchymal stem cell treatment program and several medical protocols for symptomatic as well as supportive treatment were applied, which included numerous medicines that were administered through IV to improve the function of the heart’s ability to pump blood and restored blood flow to oxygen-starved heart muscle. He was able to exercise more and improved quality of life.










After 3 years since the stem cell treatment, his condition is still stable and improved. He wrote a letter of thanks to us, and he was very satisfied with the treatment results.