Patient David Elias was diagnosed with strabismus and amblyopia, and he was treated with occlusive therapy for this, and surgery was recommended by local doctor for the strabismus. When he was 4 years old, he experienced bilateral retinal detachment. Surgery was performed, but he re-detached. Then his parents took him to other hospitals and received some additional management, but was left with complicated bilateral retinal detachments.

Then the parents learned about stem cells and decided to receive stem cell treatment (SCT). The first two stem cell treatment proved to be helpful and a lot of improvement was made in terms of the vision of his left eye: he can see big letters and vowels on the computer monitor with his left eye. His right eye was light-perception only.

The parents turned to Puhua International Hospital, Beijing, seeking further improvement from stem cell therapy (SCT) for Complicated Bilateral Retinal Detachments.

Treatment Over 17 Days at Puhua International Hospital for Complicated Bilateral Retinal Detachments

Ophthalmologic and traditional Chinese medical doctors were consulted to regarding the treatment. After a multi-disciplinary consultation, a comprehensive treatment plan was formulated, including stem cell injections via retrobulbar and interventional approaches, as well as Chinese herbal medicine. During his hospitalization, gangliosides were also administered to improve the nutrient supply of neurons.

Medical Condition after Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) for Complicated Bilateral Retinal Detachments

The whole treatment for Complicated Bilateral Retinal Detachments went very smoothly: the patient experienced no issues. After the treatments, the patient felt some initial improvement, especially his right eye, which had previously been light-perception only. A few days after his stem cell treatments (SCT) for Complicated Bilateral Retinal Detachments, the patient found that he could actually see his hands with his previously light-perception only right eye. Both patient and family are extremely happy and gratified with this improvement.

Patient, family and the staff of Puhua International Hospital, Beijing, all look forward to more improvement from the stem cell therapies (SCT) for young patient David Elias.