The sun is always shining behind the clouds

Ahmed Albaity is a young man from Tanzania, East Africa. One day of July 2007, he and his friends dived in the beautiful Indian Ocean. Without professional diving platform, Ahmed and his friends stood on each other’s shoulders and jumped into the sea. Unfortunately, the water was so shallow that he accidentally hit the bottom of the sea. Ahmed sustained neck injury. After transferring to local hospital, the examinations reviewed C3-C5 spinal cord injury, which resulted in quadriplegia.

In order to get better, Ahmed went to India for surgery with the help of charity. At the same time, he also treated his bedsore caused by long time bedridden. Unfortunately, he didn’t get any improvement in spinal cord injury. While browsing the website, Ahmed learned about Beijing Puhua International Hospital. After consulting with our medical consultants, Ahmed and his brothers came to China in April 2016. Finally Ahmed was admitted to our hospital for spinal cord reconstruction surgery combined with nutrition medicines.

Admission examination showed that the patient’s neck was soft, his muscle strength of extremities was 0, the muscle tension was 2, and the physiological reflex was disappeared. On April 27th 2016, spinal cord reconstruction surgery was performed. The surgical procedure was smooth, and infusion, acid suppression, infection prevention, nutritional nerves, phlegm relieving medicines were given after surgery. In addition, the Traditional Chinese Medicine, rehabilitation and other related departments were invited to assist him with professional physiotherapy and acupuncture treatment.  The patient recovered well after surgery.

After returning back Tanzania, Ahmed tried his best to follow the doctor’s instructions. After one year follow-up, he happily told us that his sweating function and appetite had improved significantly, and C2-C5 feeling also had improved. He could move his shoulders easily and lower limbs could fell hot and cold . All these improvements are not easy for a patient with 9 years history of cervical spinal cord injury.

His family members were also very happy when they saw his improvements, and they all agreed that Ahmed should returned to Puhua for a second cycle comprehensive treatment. In the spring of 2018, Ahmed and his four brothers came to China. The new admission examination showed that the activities of shoulders were stronger, the muscle strength of proximal left upper limb was 3, the muscle strength of both lower limbs was 2 and the right biceps reflex is sensitive. After multi-disciplinary consultation, our medical team adjusted treatment program according to his current condition.








Fortunately, Ahmed is recovering day by day with the help of embassies, many compatriots, as well as our medical staff’s care and attention. Those early injured dark days have gradually passed away. We hope him be optimistic and never give up. We also believe that he will be getting better and better.