Treatment for Cone Rod Dystrophy

Medical History:  

Mohsen was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) due to photophobia with decreasing vision for 19 years.






When he was young, his family noticed that Mohsen had nystagmus. Upon further investigations at the hospital, it was discovered that he had very poor vision. His brother Naif was diagnosed with a similar medical condition. The cause is consanguineous marriage.

Several times, Mohsen’s family went to hospital with hope and returned home with disappointment. With time went by and with all kinds of treatment, His father searched the website and found eye disease treatment at Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH). He started to contact with our medical consultant and a treatment plan has designed for Mohsen.


Symptomatic Treatment for Eye Disease:

He was first admitted to BPIH on June 8th 2017 and received 3 weeks of treatment. His treatment plan was as follows:

2 times Retrobulbar Injection Therapy + 1 time via lumbar puncture and 1 time via IV; Mouse Growth Factor injections; Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments and other supporting Therapies.

The patient gained significant improvement after the first treatment. According to his eye examination on Sep 11th 2018, his visual field condition has improved and his nystagmus has been relieved.

Below are the examination results of 2017 and 2018.










(examination results on 2017-08-06)










(examination results on 2018-09-19)

His vision improved a lot compared with before treatment. Before the initial treatment, he couldn’t see anything, as for now he could see nearby objects.

From July 7th 2018 to July 28th 2018, Mohsen has received the second cycle of treatment at BPIH. We are looking forward to seeing his further improvements.