Spinal Cord Reconstruction Surgery For Spinal Cord Injury

Mr. Talaout, a 30-year-old man from Algeria, was gravely injured in 2010, resulting in lumbar spinal cord damage. Since then, both his lower limbs have been paralysed with little to no sensation, leaving him to rely on his wheelchair to perform all basic functions. For the next 6 years, Mr Talout visited countless hospitals and consulted numerous medical doctors but failed to find an effective treatment for his condition.

In late 2015, Mr. Talaout searched online and read about Beijing Puhua International Hospital ‘s (BPIH) unique Spinal Cord Reconstruction Surgery with Advanced Nerve Growth Factor.

He decided to contact us and upon receiving his medical records, we were able to customized a treatment protocol based on his condition. He consulted with several medical professionals in his own country and relayed our treatment protocol to them. He now felt assured of his decision to undertake our proposed treatment, as there was no other hope for him to regain his movement. Mr Talaout book his ticket to China and arrived at BPIH at the beginning of March just after Chinese New Year.










When the patient and his family arrived at Beijing Capital Airport, our driver and Arabic speaking staff were at the exit waiting to welcome them.

After admission, the patient underwent clinical tests our medical team completed the clinical investigation. The results indicated no significant changes in his condition,  when compared to the reports we obtained three months earlier.

Mr. Talaout began his 3-week treatment program, focusing on Neural Repair, Rehabilitation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other additional supporting therapies. The whole procedure went smoothly, and he was discharged on time.

Following the discharge, our Doctor advised him to continue his exercise and rehabilitation Therapy, for him to regain his strength and flexibility, to further support his recovery.

On March 2, 2017, BPIH received a letter from Mr. Talaout, excitedly describing his considerable improvement over the past year. Included were the following photos:










From the photos and videos, we can clearly see that the patient can stand independently with little need for external support. He is able to walk around with the use of crutches. Although it does still take time for him to walk independently, it means a lot to him. He and his family now have renewed hope for the future.