Han Xiaodi

“Working out better protocol to treat treatable diseases, and exploring new approach to treat “untreatable” diseases. I am always willing to do all what I can do to help each of my patients.”

—Dr. Xiaodi Han,
Neurosurgery Director & Vice-president of Beijing Puhua International Hospital

Dr. Xiaodi Han–Pioneer of Brain Tumor Treatment
Since working at the Neurosurgery Department of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, he was in charge of comprehensive treatment of glioma and various kinds of brain tumor treatments. He has worked at Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, and Wichita State University, Kansas, America. Subsequently, he has worked at the Neurosurgery Department of University of Rochester Medical Center where he was responsible for post-graduate research specializing in stem cell treatment.
Currently, Dr. Xiaodi Han is the Chief Neurosurgeon of Beijing Puhua International Hospital. He devotes himself to clinical work and teaching research of treatment for malignant brain tumor. He is ingenious at surgical treatment and comprehensive treatment for malignant tumor, which has brought him international recognition. In addition, he is a forerunner of stem cell research, both at home and overseas.