Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell me more about the inpatient rooms? What things will the hospital provide us?

Your room is a private, modern and functional hospital room with an in-suite bathroom. Our larger rooms consist of two adjoining rooms with one room for the patient and the other for accompanying relatives or caregivers. There is also a small pantry and a private bathroom with shower facilities in the room. Our standard rooms contain one bed and one sofa bed, a small cooking area and private bathroom facilities for you and your relative or caretaker.
Each room has an LCD television, a small microwave, a small stove, a DVD and a small fridge. English Channels and Arabic channels are available.
Beijing Puhua International Hospital supplies bed clothes and a patient’s kit that includes; a toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, tissues and a washbowl; two cutlery sets includes knives, forks, spoons, a towel, dishes and cups.

Does your hospital have WiFi in patient rooms?

We provide complimentary wireless Internet (WiFi) service for visitors and patients. WiFi connectivity is available everywhere within the hospital campus. You can access our free Internet using the SSID/network and passwords listed on your patient card.
Skype, Google Voice, QQ and similar voice-over-internet services are popular in China and generally work well. Please be aware that some Internet services are blocked or restricted from time-to-time.

Who are your doctors?

We have an international team of doctors from both North America the Asia region and Russia. Our team is diverse and internationally-trained, representing a wide variety of specialties and global experience. Click on the “Departments” tab to learn more.

Will my insurance cover my care?

Beijing Puhua International Hospital has direct billing relationships with a number of insurance companies. We will also help you with the necessary paperwork for your claim. Please contact us to find out if your insurance company is one of our partners.

How can I communicate with my Chinese doctors, nurses and therapists?

Most doctors, nurses and all International Service coordinators are bilingual(English and Chinese).
Before you arrive in China, you will be assigned an English-speaking service coordinator who will be in charge of you all throughout your stay at the hospital. She/he will pick you up from the airport and help you with everything from translating to going to the supermarket. Should you have inquiries or problems that the service coordinators cannot help you with please feel free to contact the service manager at any time.
When required, Beijing Puhua International Hospital can help finding interpreters for a number of foreign languages. Ask your International Service Coordinator if you need to arrange for an interpreter to assist you.
Many of our medical professionals and administrative staff come from different parts of the world. Some of our Chinese doctors and nurses have studied or worked abroad. In urgent cases for assistance with translation to other languages, ask if there is someone on duty who can speak your language.